Seasonal Exploration

by Margaret Slocombe
South-East Advertiser Vol.32 No.32 - 10/08/2005

Abstract realism is a contradiction in terms but when you look at Jason Binnie's art, the term seems to fit. The Holland Park artist and freelance camera assistant begins his oils on canvas in the real as he works from a photographic image.

His latest exhibition, A Change of Season, explores the cycle of a plants life and the change of seasons. Binnie said his joint careers as an artist and freelance camera assistant inspired each other. In his camera work, his job is to make sure the camera is ready to roll and the image is sharp. His film work takes him to interesting and exotic places.

His previous art exhibitions have come from images taken on location, from both the enviroment and the technical side of film production. Since graduating from QUT in 1991 with a degree in visual arts, he has worked on several major films including 'The Matrix' and 'The Bootmen' and is working on an ABC mini series on East Timor, 'Answered by Fire' being filmed on the Gold Coast. Binnies exhbition 'A Change of Season' is at Doggett Street Studios, Doggett Street, Newstead until August 20, 2005.